Hap Wilson

Hap at Otter CastleAside from short stints with Hollywood (teaching Pierce Brosnan how to throw a knife and paddle a canoe), Wilson researches and writes canoeing guidebooks (since 1977). With twelve published books under his belt (The Cabin, Trails & Tribulations, Grey Owl and Me the latest additions – short stories) you’ll also find his work in major magazines like Canadian Geographic, Explore or Cottage Life….

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Andrea Wilson

Andrea1Born to paddle a canoe, Andrea used to spend hours as a young girl, steering her cedar canvas boat to her will. Back country canoe trips came next. No stranger to the trail, Andrea first became a Wilderness Guide when she was a mere teen. Having helped to build the successful SmoothWater Outfitting in the early 90′s along side Hap, Andrea has also spent many years working in the seasonal paddle sports industry….

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Eco Trailbuilders

We design the trail to fit the environment.

Eco-trailbuilders is one of north america’s few totally environmentally oriented, sustainable trailbuilding companies.

What we do is unique in this field and this is based on a long history within the environmental movement, a strong conservation ethic and 20-year history as eco-tourism consultants….

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Eco Trailbuilding Team

The Eco Trailbuilding Team has been put hand picked by Hap for their liked minded values, hard work and dedication to the Eco Trailbuilding goals.

Meet The Team

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