Andrea Wilson

Andrea and Abbey

Born to paddle a canoe, Andrea used to spend hours as a young girl, steering her cedar canvas boat to her will. Back country canoe trips came next. No stranger to the trail, Andrea first became a Wilderness Guide when she was a mere teen. Having helped to build the successful SmoothWater Outfitting in the early 90′s along side Hap, Andrea has also spent many years working in the seasonal paddle sports industry for canoe builders such as Swift Canoe and retailers like Algonquin Outfitters and Northern Lights Canoe & Kayak, choosing to spend her winters on the slopes and trails as a talented Level 3 Ski Instructor.


Not only eager to explore the trail and waterways of our natural world, Andrea has been dedicated to exploring the shores of her own mind as well having completed an honours degree in Gerontology (with a specialization in Religious Studies), a degree in Ethics, a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities; and is even now working her way through her doctorate with the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, where she is researching “spirituality in the conversations of older women”. Never afraid of hard work, always interested in how people relate to each other and the natural world around them, and with a strong background in ethics, Turner-Wilson took to the respectful concept of eco trail building and Cabin Falls EcoLodge life immediately.

A young(er) Hap & Andrea on the cover of Explore Magazine

A young(er) Hap & Andrea on the cover of Explore Magazine

Also Hap’s long time sweetheart, Andrea is the unnamed “young woman” that Wilson pines for in the book “Grey Owl and Me”. As Wilson’s true partner on the trail – and in life – they were finally married in a traditional Scottish wedding on their woodland property in Muskoka, Canada – where they also live with their children. Andrea can usually be found not far from the side of her loving husband and family, or her ever faithful canine friend, Abbey. (Update: We are extremely sad to report Abbey passed away just this past year. Abbey adored her family, lived her life to the fullest, and leaves us the love she so generously gifted to Andrea, the Wilson family, and everyone she met. Aberdeen will be forever in our hearts and the heart of the Wilson family.)


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