Eco Trailbuilders

We design the trail to fit the environment.

  • Eco-trailbuilders is one of north america’s few totally environmentally oriented, sustainable trailbuilding companies.
  • What we do is unique in this field and this is based on a long history within the environmental movement, a strong conservation ethic and 20-year history as eco-tourism consultants.
  • We are also trail users and skills instructors so we know what is necessary to build a trail that maximizes the experience and user safety.
  • As trailbuilders with a more than 30-year history, in land-based trail design, or cultural water/canoe & kayak routes, we’ve always delivered a high quality product.
  • Eco-trailbuilders believes in the “soft” approach to trail construction.
  • An in-depth ecological/cultural survey of the proposed site or water route inventories sensitive species, cultural amenities and unique points of interest.
  • Many trailbuilding companies are to quick to alter the landscape to fit the trail, using invasive excavators where they are not required.
  • The soft approach uses time-tested, hand-building skills and natural landscaping to mold the trail to the surrounding environment. We use mechanized methods only when required.
  • Within northern climates, building materials for wetland boardwalks, creek bridges, decks, and warm-up shelters are moved to the site locations by snowmachine and sled, ready for installation after snow-melt.
  • Eco-trailbuilders researches local sources for building materials, recycled and salvaged wood, and local labour resources, developing a viable and marketable “green plan” design.
  • We have the experience and knowledge to create solutions for difficult trail locations, working out logistics for remote trails in the most cost-effective way.
  • Canoe & kayak corridor routes or land-based backcountry trails and bike paths are quickly becoming the most sought after amenity for adventure travelers, families and resorts who want an experience that re-connects with nature and for a healthier lifestyle, without compromising the environment.

“Hap’s amazing ability to seek out and interconnect all the natural assets that have remained hidden on our doorstep, and to do so with such incredible¬†sensitivity to the ecosystem, still continues to amaze us – long after our trails have been done. ¬†Thanks so much, Hap – for a lifetime of memories and experiences to come.”

~Unnamed Ecotrailbuilders client, via email.

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