John, Michel, Salty and Crossroads after a hard day.

John, Michel, Salty and Kim…at Crossroads after a hard day.

Michel Boulet

Originally hailing from Quebec, Michel has been working with the DOC (Dept. of Conservation) in New Zealand for the past 2 decades as their head trail warden and builder. Michel works on special projects, including the shoreline trail boardwalks for the JW Marriott resort in Muskoka (as seen here).

Kim DeLegran

Kim, from ‘Muskoka Renovations’,  assists in special projects and general trail construction. Kim worked for a number of contractors before opening up Muskoka Renovations and Maintenance in 1999, and his experience includes work as Recreation Director and Trail Co-ordinator for Deerhurst Inn, Huntsville.  Kim also has a BPE from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

John Newton (Tundra Construction) works the excavator for larger projects.

John Newton (Tundra Construction) works the excavator for larger projects.

John Newton

John Newton (Tundra Construction) works the excavator for larger projects where we require wider trails for nordic skiing (usually built over old log-skid roads but upgraded for skiing).

Eric Saltmanis

Eric Saltmanis, aka “Salty” worked as manager of the Portage Store outfitting in Algonquin Park for 26 years before becoming assistant trail builder.

Andrea Wilson

Born to paddle a canoe, Andrea used to spend hours as a young girl, steering her cedar canvas boat to her will. Back country canoe trips came next. No stranger to the trail, Andrea first became a Wilderness Guide when she was a mere teen. Having helped to build the successful SmoothWater Outfitting in the early 90’s along side Hap, Andrea has also spent many years working in the seasonal paddle sports industry for canoe builders such as Swift Canoe and retailers like Algonquin Outfitters and Northern Lights Canoe & Kayak, choosing to spend her winters on the slopes and trails as a talented Level 3 Ski Instructor. Read more about Andrea on the Andrea Wilson bio page.

Andrea & Abbey work on a  boardwalk.

Andrea & Abbey work on a boardwalk.

Abbey Turner-Wilson

Abbey, the only full time canine on the crew, is always quick to give a sharp bark to keep the team motivated and moving. Some say her natural aptitude for the EcoTrail Supervisor position may be due to her breed’s instincts (Abbey was top of her class when tested for sheep herding skills) while others believe she just really likes to protect the team while they work on the trail; she always picks a spot to hang out when she’s supervising so that she can keep an eye on everyone. Update: Sadly, Abbey travelled on from the trails of this world just this past year. As a member of the family, her passing left a great hole in the heart of the Wilson family…. Yet even in her absence, the Wilson’s love for Abbey grows. Harvesthil’s Sweetheart Aberdeen “Abbey”, February 14, 2002 – November 4, 2013.

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