Cabin Testimonials

The following quotes and testimonials have been sent to us from past guests, clients, and professional friends as they wish to share their experiences with those who desire to venture to wild and wonderful places.

The Pinnell's

“During those four glorious days, I believe I experienced what Tom Thomson must have felt as he paddled and painted his way through the wilderness. This memory will inspire me forever!” Leigh Pinnell, Project Manager, QC.

“If there is a truly Canadian Sanctuary which must be experienced in one’s lifetime…it is Cabin Falls Ecolodge!” ~ Chris Pinnell, Retired, QC.


Norm Laperriere


I have had the pleasure of tripping with Hap to the far reaches of Canada since 2004. Each one of these trips was truly an adventure of a life time. Hap’s unequalled expertise in guiding these trips ensures that you hone your paddling skills, challenge your mental and physical fortitude and experience our beautiful country in a way that draws you in completely.

I have also had several trips with Hap & Andrea to the Eco Lodge at idyllic Cabin Falls in Temagami. With Hap and Andrea as your hosts, you are sure to discover the magic and beauty of Temagami. You will be accommodated in comfort and security, eat well and experience each day as an adventure at one of Canada’s most unique and spectacular retreats.

Norm Laperriere, MD, FRCPC, FRANZCR (Hon)
Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology
University of Toronto

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