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Trails and TribulationsWith the publication of Temagami Canoe Routes in 1978 a monumental milestone was achieved; not only for Hap, but for Temagami and the literature of canoe tripping. With this guidebook being the first publication to have documented canoe routes in Temagami, with the charting of every portage, lake and campsite mentioned; each map was painstakingly drawn with astonishing attention to accuracy and detail. With remarkable pen and ink illustrations from his travels included as well, Wilson captured Temagami’s wildness and mystery and began to find his true path on the trail of life.

Never a man to back down from a challenge, and with a propensity for veracity, Wilson became a self taught artist and author, going on to publish 12 more books and guides. Recognized around the world for his writings and illustrations, Wilson became an award winning artist and photographer, all in addition to being acknowledged for his environmental work and achievements.

Temagami SpiritsIn addition to the books and short stories, Wilson has written over 210 columns and feature articles published (with illustrations and/or photographs) for the following magazines: Canadian Geographic International Wildlife (U.S.), Outdoor Canada Explore, Cottage Life Backpacker (U.S.), Kanawa, Rapid Media (Canoeroots), Walleye (U.S.), Organic Earth Nature Canada, Ontario Nature, Canoe & Kayak (U.S.), Paddler, Men’s Journal (U.S.), and Muskoka Magazine.

With Wilson’s iconic style, eye for detail for both the tangible and the metaphysical, as well as a profound respect for Nature, his work has captured the heart and soul of many a water traveler and backwoods enthusiast.  With limited series prints and books, all signed by the artist, a new gallery location will be opening soon. In the meantime, books, prints and photos are still available. All inquiries can be directed to Hap Wilson – Eco Trailbuilders. Note: Gift purchases are also an option.

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