Lake Superior To Manitoba By Canoe

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Pub. Date: 2017

River Of Fire: An Expedition Through Manitoba’s Worst Boreal Wildfire

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Pub. Date: 2017

The Cabin: A Search for Personal Sanctuary

The Cabin - A Search for Personal SanctuaryOne hundred years ago, a young doctor from cleveland by the name of Robert Newcomb, travelled north to a place called Temagami. It was as far north as one could travel by any modern means. Beautiful beyond any simple expletive, the Temagami wilderness was a land rich in timber, clear-water lakes, fast flowing rivers, mystery and adventure. Newcomb befriended the local aboriginals — the deep water people — and quickly discovered the best way to explore was by canoe. Bewitched by the spirit of an interior river named after the elusive brook trout, majamagosibi, newcomb had a remote cabin built overlooking one of her precipitous cataracts.

The cabin remained unused for decades, save for a few passing canoeists; it changed ownership twice and slowly began to show its age. The author discovered the cabin while on a canoe trip in 1970. Like Newcomb, Hap Wilson was lured to Temagami in pursuit of adventure and personal sanctuary. That search for sanctuary took the author incredible distances by canoe and snowshoe, through near death experiences and herculean challenges. Secretly building cabins, homesteading and working as a park ranger, wilson finally became owner of the cabin in 2000.

Artist, author and adventurer, Hap Wilson is perhaps best known for his ecotourism/travel guidebooks. He has led over 300 wilderness expeditions in canada, and served as actor pierce brosnan’s personal outdoor trainer for the feature film grey owl.”this is a complex and fascinating story, beautifully told. At first, it draws us in because the author appears to be living the life we all dream of-a simpler life, close to nature, free from the stress and strain of our consumer culture. But the reality, with its myriad challenges, is what holds our attention and gives the book its substance.”- Judith Ruan, Muskoka Magazine

Format: Paperback, 175pp. ISBN: 1-897045-05-0
Pub. Date: 2005 Publisher: Natural Heritage Books

Grey Owl and Me: Stories From The Trail And Beyond

Grey Owl and MeHap Wilson is back for another journey, this time on the lighter side of the adventure trail, where the bizarre melds with the sublime. Nurtured by the writings of Canadian environmentalist and wannabe-native, Grey Owl, Wilson adopted a lifestyle similar to the 1930s conservationist but with his own twists and turns along a meandering path full of humorous misadventures. Wilson, too, learned many of his nature skills as a youth, paddling in Temagami, working as a wilderness canoe ranger and guide, and following in the footsteps of one of Canada’s most revered outdoor icons.

The author recounts early days winter camping, motorcycling the labrador coast, and teaching actor Pierce Brosnan how to throw knives and paddle a canoe for the Richard Attenborough film about Grey Owl. He also takes us to a few of his favourite places and shares intimate secrets of wilderness living. Here, Grey Owl has returned as an ever-present critic — a buckskin-clad spectre in a modern world of gore-tex, kevlar canoes, and gear freaks.

For a collection of short reviews for this collection of “stories from the trail and beyond’, including one from world renowned author and environmentalist Farley Mowat, see the HW-Blog: Farley Mowat on “Grey Owl and Me”.

Format: Paperback, 244 pp. ISBN: 978-1-55488-732-3
Pub. Date: Summer 2010 Publisher: Natural Heritage/Dundurn

Trails & Tribulations: Confessions of a Wilderness Pathfinder

Trails and TribulationsIn an age when “survival” shows permeate the media, noted northern traveller Hap Wilson shares accounts of his lifelong involvement with wilderness living within the Canadian shield. Wilson knows better than most how to live in the woods. As park ranger, canoe guide, outfitter, trail builder, and environmental activist, he learned from firsthand experience that nature can neither be beaten or tamed.

Trails and Tribulations takes the reader on a journey with the author through natural settings ranging from austere to mysterious and breathtaking. Contents include animal attacks, bush fires, the threat of hypothermia, and vision-quest sites, to name but a few.

Format: Paperback, 216 pp. ISBN: 978-1-55488-397-4
Pub. Date: Spring 2008 Publisher: Dundurn

Temagami: A Wilderness Paradise

Temagami: A Wilderness ParadiseThe bible of Temagami paddling routes and hiking trails. Illustrations and hand-drawn maps of 27 routes in the greater Temagami area and on Lake Timiskaming. This is the current version of the classic Temagami Canoe Routes that defined the trademark Hap Wilson canoe-guide. From the previous version this has the addition of Lorrain Lake in the map.

Format: Paperback, 151pp. ISBN: 978-1-55407-974-2
Pub. Date: 2011 Publisher: Boston Mills Press

Canoeing, Kayaking & Hiking Temagami

The bible of Temagami paddling routes and hiking trails. Illustrations and hand-drawn maps of 27 routes in the greater Temagami area and on Lake Timiskaming. This is an expansion of the classic Temagami Canoe Routes that defined the trademark Hap Wilson canoe-guide. Review

Format: Paperback, 151pp. ISBN: 1-55046-434-5
Pub. Date: 2004 Publisher: Boston Mills Press

Canoeing and Hiking Wild Muskoka

An eco-adventure guide: The trademark Wilson canoeing and hiking guide, this time for the rivers, lakes and trails of Muskoka.

Format: Paperback, 144pp. ISBN: 1-55046-339-X
Pub. Date: 2003 Publisher: Boston Mills Press

Rivers of the Upper Ottawa Valley

Rivers of the Upper Ottawa ValleyThe definitive canoe guide to some of the best canoeing rivers on the Quebec and Ontario sides of the Ottawa: Coulonge, Noire, Dumoine, Mattawa and Barron. Lots of historical background and other information. Richly mapped and illustrated with Hap’s pen and ink and photographs rendered in the trademark Wilson style.

“The Rivers book came about as a response to the heavy traffic on the Dumoine after my first river guidebook came out in the late 1980′s (dedicated just to the Dumoine). To relieve the pressure off the Dumoine I mapped out the “sister” rivers (primarily the Black and the Coulonge), equally exciting rivers, in order to displace more user-traffic…and it worked nicely. It also offered the paddler more choice, and it was easier on the environment; as well, it generated an awareness for river protection in a province bent on damming all rivers for hydro-power. All my books had and still have a huge environmental “push” in a political climate where it has become a User-based system of management…and I use the word management very loosely. Basically…it’s a ‘use it or lose it’ mentality, hopefully where adventure tourism edges out industrial motives.” ~ Hap Wilson (2013)

Format: Paperback, 112pp. ISBN: 1-55046-438-8
Pub. Date: 1993, 2004 Publisher: Boston Mills Press

Journey to the Northern Sky

The definitive canoe guide to the historic trade route between Lake Superior and James Bay along the Michipicoten and Missinaibi Rivers. Provides historical background. Another trademark Wilson guide with maps, illustrations and photos.

Format: Paperback, 134pp. ISBN: 1-55046-436-1
Pub. Date: 1994, 2004 Publisher: Boston Mills Press

Voyages: Canada’s Heritage Rivers

Lynn E. Noel (ed.) with maps and illustrations by Hap Wilson
Not a canoe guide but an informative book on Canada’s Heritage Rivers from an environmental perspective. Winner of Natural Resources Council of America Award of Achievement 1996.

Format: Hardcover, 192pp. ISBN: 1-55081-099-5
Pub. Date: 1995 Publisher: Breakwater Books

Wilderness Rivers of Manitoba: Journey by Canoe Through the Land Where the Spirit Lives

The trademark Wilson canoe-guide to rivers in northern and eastern Manitoba: Manigotagan, Bloodvein, Gammon, Sasagnnigak, Leyond, Pigeon, Berens, Hayes, Grass, Seal, Cochrane, Thlewiaza, Caribou. Lots of general info and tips on the areas. Center section contains color photos. Five years in the making.

Format: Paperback, 158pp. ISBN: 1-895465-26-5
Pub. Date: 1998, 2004 Publisher: Boston Mills Press

Wilderness Manitoba: Land Where the Spirit Lives

Stunning color photos taken by Hap and Stephanie during the five years of travel for Wilderness Rivers of Manitoba.

Format: Hardcover, 127pp. ISBN: 1-55046-271-7
Pub. Date: 1999 Publisher: Boston Mills Press

Temagami Canoe Routes

The bible of Temagami routes. Illustrations and hand-drawn maps of 24 routes in the greater Temagami area with fold-out map. A classic in canoeing literature that defined the trademark Hap Wilson canoe-guide. Go to selected routes. (REPLACED BY CANOEING, KAYAKING & HIKING TEMAGAMI)

Format: Paperback, 144pp. ISBN: 0-9693258-1-9
Pub. Date: 1978 Publisher: Canadian Recreational Canoe Association

Rivière Dumoine

Comprehensive Guide for the Adventuring Canoeist
A guide to the Dumoine River in Quebec in the trademark Wilson style.

Format: Paperback, 32pp. ISBN: 0-9693258-0-0
Pub. Date: 1987 Publisher: Canadian Recreational Canoe Association

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