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Cabin Falls Ecolodge 2021 Rates

June 1st through Oct. 11th

Cost Breakdown

The quality of experience at Cabin Falls Ecolodge is unique. The lodge is located in a remote setting in the Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Wilderness Park, 2.5 kilometers from the nearest floatplane access landing (Katherine Lake). Everything at the lodge is rafted and portaged downriver with a very high labour cost.

The goal of our family run business is to provide unique and genuine experiences for each guest. Our limited capacity standards maintain quality over quantity. We ensure that all of our guests receive our highest standard of care and a memorable experience. Below are two ways to experience Cabin Falls Ecolodge.

All Inclusive Retreat

2021 Rates Include:

  • Floatplane charter service to/from lodge and Temagami, Ontario
  • Accommodation in historic/hand-crafted cabins*
  • Gourmet menu: all meals, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages. We serve all dietary requests, use seasonal organic produce and organic/hormone free-meats, and offer a complimentary glass of wine with dinner.
  • Daily guided adventures
  • Full use of facility amenities and equipment

5-day/4-night stay:

Regular rate per person – $2,495.
Add 13% HST
*to add or subtract days, please contact us for rates

Minimum Requirements for flights:
Our minimum guest registration for any one flight is 3 people. This could be any combination of couples/singles/family or friend groups. If a couple cannot find a second party, we can often double up the flight; contact us for available dates. For single guests booking, we will have to find a time that suits where we can put them in with other guests. * A surcharge can be added if a couple wishes to come in on their own flight.

Children aged 6 years and older are welcome to accompany their families; however, we are not able to offer discounted rates for children because each passenger will require their own seat in the aircraft.

*Please contact us for group or family rates

Paddle-In Visitors

* must be arranged in advance

Rates include:
Accommodation in historic/hand-crafted cabins*
Gourmet dinner, breakfast and lunch
Full use of facility amenities and equipment

Per person cost per night: $295
Children (under the age of 10) – less 25%
Add 13% HST

*Daily guided adventures/canoeing skills instruction can be added. Costs vary depending on excursion/activity. Please contact us for rates.

*Accommodation: We offer private accommodation for couples/families/groups. If you are a single traveller, you may have to share a sleeping cabin with other single travellers

Note About Bringing Your Dog: Our collie is part of the fixture at Cabin Falls and we’ve had trouble with other dogs marking their territory in and around our public areas. We prefer that you find other arrangements for your dog if you book a fly-in retreat. For those paddling through and staying over: Dogs must always be leashed. Dogs are not allowed in the dining hall or up on furniture in the cabins.


Cabin Falls Ecolodge
1141 Crawford St. Rosseau, ON
P0C 1J0 705-732-8254
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