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2021 Whitewater Paddling Skills Weekends – June 3-6 & 24-27

Each spring we host a long weekend whitewater canoeing clinic on the Lady Evelyn River. The water levels are perfect this time of year for learning all the fundamental skills for tackling most rivers in Canada – reviewing and honing proper flat-water skills to start and then moving on to more technical skills for whitewater such as braces, eddy-turns, ferries and proper lining techniques.

This weekend will also focus on paddling as a team – communication skills, reading body language and trusting your paddling partner. To top this off, we have the luxury of staying at our Ecolodge – one of Canada’s most scenic and unique rustic lodges, perched atop one of nine waterfalls found along the Lady Evelyn River.

Cost: $1895 per person (+HST).

Pricing includes: charter flight to and from the lodge, accommodation, all meals, full days of instruction.

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2021 JUNE FLY-FISHING – Open for Private Booking (min 4 people)

The Temagami First Nations called the Lady Evelyn River, men-jamma-go-sibi, or “trout streams”. Portage trails within the Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Wilderness Park are 6,000 years old. The river is a typical ‘pool-and-drop’ waterway, with nine waterfalls and several rapids and that relates to some great fishing in the pools and eddies. It’s all natural brook trout or “speckles”
– a feisty fish that challenges any angler. Whether you fly-fish or use crank-bait, this is an excellent, fully guided expedition with top Canadian guide, Hap Wilson. Cabin Falls Ecolodge is one of Canada’s most unique wilderness retreats and a great place to test your angling skills.

This is a catch-and-release and barbless hook expedition in keeping with wilderness park ethical angling principles; however, we will keep enough of a catch to enjoy a sampling. Great fun, challenging fishing, healthy exercise and gourmet meals.

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Women’s Retreat – As The River Flows

Life coach, listener, communicator and motivator Amy Hogan is hosting a second Women’s Retreat, As The River Flows, at Cabin Falls. It is a time to experience rejuvenating rest, explore your inner desires, shift your perspective on life’s challenges and connect with like-minded women.

All you need to be is kind, fun-loving, contemplative, adventurous and committed. Visit amyhogan.ca to join in an experience that will remain in your heart forever.

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