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For those of us who missed it, Hap was kind enough to provide us with the actual presentation slides he used for his recent “Top 10 Travel & Survival Tips” talk at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show, for publishing and sharing online. While it is not quite the same as hearing Hap speak and elaborate on each point, there is still lots of important information available to garner from his “presentation stills”. Thanks to Hap for making these essential travel and survival tips available to all who may be interested in wilderness travel.


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1. Implement no trace camping & clean latrine habits.

2. Don’t harass wildlife for camera shots.

3. Respect other campers (keep portage trail landings free of clutter, keep noise down, small parties take small campsites where busy).

4. Approach archaeological sites (pictographs, petraforms, dolmen stones, etc.) with care and leave alone.

5. Do your part to help keep portages and campsites clean.

6. Do not construct inuksuks in the wilderness.

7. Do not move or remove stones from archaeological sites.


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  • Brian Robinson Posted October 24, 2016 4:59 pm

    Good afternoon,

    I am really enjoying reading your books, which is what led me to your website. I’m curious about the above presentation, tip #10 respect (6. Do not construct inuksuks in the wilderness). Let me lead off with I agree with this statement and figure it goes directly with leave no trace principles. I’m sure you explained the why when you gave the talk. I’m just curious why this specific item was pointed out. We teach leave no trace to our scout troop. It’s difficult especially when some of the leaders don’t get it. I’m guess this particular item is one of your pet peeves and we all have one, I’m just wondering as I’ve read the list a few times and just keep coming back to this.

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