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Indian Pipe Hunters Film :: RPFF Shortlist 2013

Indian Pipe Hunters

The best way to launch a new blog is with good news.

This past season, Hap and his “lovely Canadian Sherpa wife” Andrea guided three photographers into the wilds of Temagami in search of the rare and beautiful Indian Pipe (a delicate flowering plant). A film of their adventure was made and titled as Indian Pipe Hunters.

Hap and film producer/photographer Graham Uden, have just now received word that their film has made the Reel Paddling Film Festival (RPFF) shortlist and is now being screened with the Reel Paddling Film Festival 2013 Tour at locations across the country and around the world!

Congratulations to all involved in making this important environmental awareness film in protection of Temagami and our wild world.

The film dedication reads as follows:

“In this day of 4WDs with canoe racks and snowmobiles with foot warmers and GPS, the wildnerness has little affinity to most. Those who are still comfortable in it are a dying breed. Those who are willing to defend and protect it are few and irreplaceable….. This video is dedicated to those few…”

Watch the video below or visit the Reel Paddling Film Festival website for a screening location near you :: www.reelpaddlingfilmfestival.com.

Video description: Three city based photographers, Graham Uden, Keith Nash and Aani Andriani enlist the help of Canada’s legendary wilderness guide and canoeist, Hap Wilson, and follow in the footsteps of “Grey Owl” to locate and photograph the rare and esoteric “Indian Pipe”