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In just three days time, Hap and his beautiful Sherpa wife Andrea will be participating as a team in the epic Muskoka River X marathon. They will be paddling 4 lakes and 2 river systems, face up to 19 portages, will navigate using only topographic maps, compass, and grid coordinates. They will also be carrying all equipment, nutrition, and hydration required for the entire race – plus the mandatory supplies for an extra 24 hours of wilderness survival. While that may seem like a challenge in itself, there is more: The Muskoka River X is to be completed in a mere 24 to 48 hours. No outside assistance. No support teams. No re-supplies. That’s a whopping 128 km in under 24 hours.

Andrea MRX training

However, while there are over 100 participants in the Muskoka River X all vying for a placement at the finish line, Hap and Andrea are really only doing it to “challenge themselves”. And what a challenge it is!


“… midlife crisis – starting to replace M&M’s in the Gorp mix with Ibuprofen.” ~Hap Wilson on his training for MRX


Known as the longest single-day paddling event of its kind in the world, this is the event’s first year in operation. Needless to say, Hap and Andrea have been training for the upcoming marathon race. Well kind of. Their only recent training involved paddling the 80km route from the Cabin (Cabin Falls) to the town of Temagami in 13 hours (with a few stops along the way). The paddling duo were also testing out Swift Canoe & Kayak’s “Keewaydin” for the big race (130km). What is the verdict so far? Hap says, “Sweet canoe Bill (Swift)! Full gear; did the 4km. death march to Diamond in one, non-stop haul…midlife crisis – starting to replace M&M’s in the Gorp mix with Ibuprofen.”

What does Hap have to say about the night paddling? Well, “… it’s right down our alley. We’ll be paddling the last leg at night (something we often do on trips anyway)…”


Andrea Muskoka X training-HW


Learn more about the race here: http://muskokariverx.com/
See what else Hap has to say about the September challenge via Cottage Country Now: http://www.cottagecountrynow.ca/news-story/4057379-local-paddlers-prepare-for-longest-race-of-its-kind-in-the-world/

Good luck to Hap and Andrea, and all the paddlers taking part in this epic adventure challenge this weekend. In fact, paddles up to everyone and safe travels too!


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