Trail Building



Creating spaces that can be explored and shared for generations while preserving Earth's natural habitats and wonders.

Driven by the desire to protect natural resources while providing better experiences for outdoor recreation, Hap’s Ecotrailbuilders has been involved with the design and construction of sustainable, shared-use trails for over 35 years. A corporate member of Ontario Trails Council, Ecotrailbuilders believes in the ‘soft’ approach to trailbuilding, lessening the environmental impact of construction by ‘surgically’ placing trails within the natural environment and ensuring all structures are sustainably built.

Development Driven

We take the utmost care to create a trail masterplan that fits both the environment and your budget

User Focused

Our trail systems are designed to maximize adventure and ensure continued engagement

Risk Aversive

All trails present risks. Our ‘Duty of Care’ approach includes Risk Management Assessment and detailed User Manual

Hap and Andrea Wilson

Our Team

Ecotrailbuilders brings over 35 years of experience in trail design, development, and advocacy. From caves to mountain tops, from sand to snow, we’ve traveled the world hiking, biking, and climbing in every environment possible to gather the trail knowledge and experience necessary to make your outdoor dreams a reality.

Specializing in creating sustainable trail design that not only fits the environment but also your budget, our work is a reflection of our dedication to outdoor activity and our commitment to our natural environment.

Our Services

Planning & Design
Trail Master Plans
Site/User Group Assessments
Soil & Hydrology Assessments
Construction Drawings & Specs
Budgeting & Cost Estimation
Risk Management Consulting
Sustainable Construction & Development
Environmental material sourcing
Trail Placement for Low Ecological Impact
Aesthetic Value Mapping
GPS Ground-Truthing
Trail Maintenance
Project Management

Benchcut (sidehill) & Switchback Trails
Rock-Armored Embankments
Retaining Walls
Stone Steps & Walkways
Wayfinding & Signage
Chainsaw-Carved Art Installations
Trail Support Structures
Wildlife Viewing Decks
Observation & Lookout Decks
Warm-up Chalets
Sugar Shacks
Trailhead Kiosks
Canoe & Kayak Water Trails
Moving Water IRGS Grading
Cultural & Environmental Surveys
Cartographic Representation
Detailed Maps
Other Services
Remote & Unique Builds
Education & Training
Photography (Still &Video)
Marketing & Promotion

Our Work

We care deeply about the environment and pay special attention to each one we design and build in order to leave as soft a footprint as possible.

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