Well, it’s a new year and a lot is happening

My poem, Autumn River Music, appears on page 43

Well, it’s a new year and a lot is happening. First, I’d like to thank my sister and Skytree Communications for the newly designed website. I’m getting a lot of great feedback about it. For Hap Wilson every day seems to be an adventure with little down time. But hey, that’s my choice and there’s just way too much stuff to pack in to one life!

I’ve been busy at the art table producing a few more limited-edition pieces that will be up on my site soon, and working on a new book entitled, “The Wood Butcher’s Guide ~ Building a Simpler Lifestyle”. I’m quite excited about it as I’ve spent my life in construction (not just paddling), have lived off-grid for years (except when we winter in Muskoka these days), and continue to operate Cabin Falls Ecolodge for five glorious months of the year.

Of course, I share the trail with my lovely wife Andrea who keeps me on the right path. I’ve collaborated on two other books; one, “Dawn Song”, stories and poems about bird migration (I wrote a poem…go figure huh?); and the other is a book about Greenpeace co-founder, the late Bob Hunter. I spent years with Bob when he worked as ecologist specialist for CITY TV in Toronto, working on various environmental video stories across Canada. The new book should be out this early summer and I’ll let you know more when I know more.

What’s new? Lots. Check out our other websites, Ecotrailbuilders and Cabin Falls for updates on what’s new and happening in that part of our world.